Commercial Photography – Ciroc Kenya

December 17, 2018

In November 2017, Visual Magic Africa Ltd was commissioned by Ciroc Kenya through their digital agency Redhouse Digital to create images for their Digital Campaign “On Arrival”. The project would show two unique sides of the brand which is the lifestyle of a Ciroc consumer and the adventurous side of the same consumer which would be dubbed “Be the Party”

The images in the first part “Ciroc Lifestyle” would show young, cool peers living their best Ciroc life, filled with luxury and fun.The second part would show a mysterious side, a party side of these individuals and we would utilise glow in the dark make up and accessories to bring this to life.

I would like you to enjoy these images and let them tell this story instead of describing it for you. Before I do that, I would like to thank my Executive Producer & Fashion Stylist Nelly Wangechi for making this happen on very tight deadlines, my Producer Shilar Munyiva for keeping everything on time and schedule, my assistant John Paul for making sure everything was where I needed it to be and my Glow in the Dark Make up artist Val Mdeizi for bringing my vision of Part 1 to life.

I would love to get your feedback, please leave a comment, feel free to share. Until next time, lets keep shooting!!

PART – BE THE PARTY (Glow in the Dark)

Full Credits:
Production House – Visual Magic Africa Ltd
Client – Ciroc Kenya
Agency – Redhouse Digital
Photographer – Clement Kiragu
Executive Producer & Fashion Stylist – Nelly Wangechi
Producer – Sheila Munyiva
Make up Artist Part 1 – Val Mdeizi
Make up Artist Part 2 – Angie Glam
Hair Stylist – Hair by Makanye
Photographer Assistant – John Paul

Joy Kendi
Ella Yimam
Barbara June Akeyo
Derrick Musila
Mwita Wyclif

BTS Video Footage – Augustine Kadina
BTS Video Editing – Githinji

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