My First Bride

December 16, 2018

When I fell in love with photography, I never thought I would ever venture into the wedding photography genre.

I have always thought myself as a commercial, beauty and fashion photographer and had the perception that weddings were too complicated to photograph. That is until I met Kabby and Sue.

In mid 2016 I got a call from a lady called Kabby Arunga she asked if I did weddings because she wanted me to shoot her best friends wedding scheduled for later in the year. Up until then I hadn’t photographed a full wedding, the most I had done was cover an Indian pre wedding ceremony, which was half day. I like to push myself and never shy away from challenges so we started talking about the possibility of photographing the wedding.

If you know my work, you know that I always approach all my photography from a fine art point of view. I wasn’t going to change my approach. I decided that the story I was going to tell with my images would consist on unique angles and special genuine moments. To complement this I would use a lens with a wide aperture to isolate my subjects from any distraction that could be on the scene and pray for beautiful light. After doing all my research and I was ready to meet my first bride and dazzle her with my unique approach. Like my commercial projects, I prepared a mood for this event as well.

When I finally met the bride – Sue, we had a great chat and when she uttered the words “I give you full creative freedom” I was elated, little did I know that Sue knew of my work and liked how I composed, lit and edited my images. It was all systems go.

My team and I visited the location and went over the itinerary we were ready for her big day. We showed up bright and early canons in hand and purpose in our hearts. The decor was immaculate, I knew exactly what I wanted to achieve. I needed to deliver what I promised my client. Of course like any other live event you cannot control everything and everyone however at the end of the day I captured moments that will last a lifetime. A beautiful intimate wedding.

To Sue &John – All love stories are beautiful, but we love yours best! Thank you for trusting me with this very important day.

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MUA of the day: Wakesho Nzano
Photographer Assistant: John Paul
Wedding Location: The Bedelle