One Woman, Six Faces

December 16, 2018

Beauty Photography fascinates me. Maybe it is because am a retouching perfectionist and this is the one area in photography where professional retouching is really seen, or maybe it is because it brings out features on a model that would otherwise go unnoticed, whatever the case, it is a field I am exploring and I am far from done.

Today I want to focus on Professional Make up. This is a key factor in beauty photography. As soon as I embarked on the photography journey, I quickly learnt that to get impeccable photos, a creative team was necessary, specifically a great makeup artist. Lucky for me I didn’t have to search far nor wide. Muthoni Njoba and I work well together, like ketchup and mustard we complement each other. She wanted to show how make up when applied in a variety of ways can change how you look or even perceived. As the conversation grew over some mimosas, we came up with the One Woman Six Faces campaign. A series of images, show casing how make up can transform one person and give them six different personas. A brilliant idea indeed.

Have a look at the images we developed. This project was also featured by Bella Naija –

As Muthoni would put it, “The way a woman chooses to wear her Make-up tells us more about her than words could describe.

Choose a FACE that captures the LOOK that expresses who YOU are!”

LOOK #1 The Flawless Face

This face is worn by the woman who has embraced her natural beauty and loves to subtly accentuate it. Her look is Fresh, Effortless and Flawless.

LOOK #2 The Sophisticated Face

This face is worn by the woman who is up to date with the latest fashion trends and is always the first one to embrace them. Her look is Chic, Fabulous and Sophisticated.


LOOK #3 The Fierce Face

This face is worn by the woman who loves to break rules when it comes to trends, she loves being the rebellious diva. Her look is Daring, Unapologetic and Fierce.

LOOK #4 The Sassy Face

This face is worn by the woman who loves to use colour to express herself. Her fun, lively spirit is one of a kind. Her look is Bright, Bold and Sassy.


LOOK #5 The Mysterious Face

This face is worn by the woman who is confident, captivating, spontaneous and loves attention. Her look is Enticing, Seductive and Mysterious.

LOOK #6 The Charismatic Face

This face is worn by the woman who is elegant, classy, inspiring and knows her beauty is her charm. Her look is Timeless, Glamorous and Charismatic.