December 16, 2018

When people ask you what your passion is, how do you answer them?

I start with the things I love doing, the things that get my blood rushing because I know the result gives me the greatest joy in the world.

When you find that thing that makes your blood rush and excited, make a business out of it, it will be the most successful and fulfilling business you will ever run. Because if you are not doing what you love, you will be unhappy and you will then be teaching your children to be the same, and they will teach their children to be the same….

For me, my passion is being an advertising creative and photographer.

Being a creative has its challenges though, one of the biggest one is that no one understands what we do, that includes our parents, our friends and sometimes our better half. Which brings me to the point of this post, I feel extremely lucky to have a wife who not only understands what I do but helps me to be better at it. That for a creative is extremely important! (Thanks babe.)

For that reason, family is at the top of the list and shooting them fulfills my passion. What can I say, I love spending time with my peeps!

Take time to pray for your family, thank God for them and savor every minute you are together.

Check out some moments I captured of my family on our latest trip to the beach…

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