Out of my comfort zone

December 16, 2018

Monday 9th May 2016 a cold, grey day in Nairobi. As I pull up to a parking spot in one of the city’s most Iconic buildings I cant help but exhale out loud, I am a nervous wreck. In an hours time I will go out of my comfort zone, I will be in front of the camera for a change and not just any old camera, I will be on LIVE TV!

Kobi Kihara, the smart, bubbly and funny host of AM LIVE show contacted me and here I was ready or not for my first tv interview.

I have been a professional photographer for roughly 2 and a half years, It would be an understatement to say I am in my element behind the lens, in front of it, I wasn’t quite sure.

Thankfully Kobi was such a great interviewer that I didn’t even realize that my time was up. I also realized that my passion for photography couldn’t be discussed in 30 minutes. Well, maybe I will do another interview after all, just maybe…

Just to clarify, I have been a professional photographer for about 2 and ½ years. The first 2 years, I did photography as a part time job (as I was still in employment) during this time I horned my skills and branded my self, opened a Facebook and Instagram page. I went full time on photography on 1st January 2016. Making this my 5th month as a full time professional photographer.

Below are some of the photos from a shoot I did with Kobi prior to the interview.

You can watch the INTERVIEW HERE . I would love to hear your thoughts so kindly leave a comment, share the video and don’t forget to Subscribe. I will be posting more videos, behind the scenes and tutorials, so don’t be left out.

Till next post,

Happy shooting!